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    Audio, video and IT infrastructure of the studio complex provide high flexibility and reliability. All audio and video data is stored on a redundant shared SAN system, which provides storing, accessing, and sharing media in collaborative workgroup environments. Thus the time for the migration of projects from one studio to another is not wasted. High bandwidth and transparency of use allow a seamless workflow for all DAWs in the complex. The offline backup server provides additional safety of assets storage.

    Despite of the size difference, all rooms provide the same viewing and listening angles from mix position to screen. Well-controlled listening environment allows for nearly perfect mix translation from studio to studio. High-definition video projection and 5.1 audio monitoring is available as standard in each studio room.

    Advanced switching/routing capabilities are implemented all over the complex. This allows the studios to be really multi-functional. For example, two consecutive pairs of editing rooms can serve as spare ADR suites, if needed. More options will be realized when the Universal studio is launched.

    A combination of VNC technology and flexible KVM matrix system enables instant access to any workstation and to any auxiliary PC of the complex from any workplace in the mixing theatres.

    A large server-based SFX library, including industry-standard Hollywood Edge and Sound Ideas collections, is available online at every DAW through convenient ProTools-integrated interface.

    Every studio also features accurate climate control, adjustable working lights, comfortable chairs and cozy client's area, which makes work pleasing as well as productive.

    Mixing Theatres M1, M2 and M3

    Mix theatres M1 and M2 are identical in size and have the same AVID System 5 Dual Operator mixing desks, playback and outboard equipment. Mixing desks feature up to 608 DSP inputs and 96 physical faders. Both theatres have 3D-capable theatrical DCP projectors.

    In addition Mix Theatre M1 is equipped with Dolby Atmos system allowing for mixing, monitoring and printmastering in this format, while standard 5.1/7.1 workflow is maintained as well. Two 35mil film projectors and 4K-capable DCP projector allow use of this theatre as a screening room. A 9pin-controlled telecine machine is easily patchable to any of 3 mix theatres to provide optical replay for Dolby Digital printmastering process.

    AVID System 5 mixing desk in Mix Theatre M3 features up to 184 DSP inputs and 48 physical faders.

    System 5 mixing desks also allow to be used as fully-functional controller surface for ProTools workstation, which makes it a really multifunctional instrument for a mixer and provides unrivaled flexibility and power for the most complex mixes using both DSP and controller capabilities.

    Mixing Theatre M1 specification.
    Mixing Theatre M2 specification.
    Mixing Theatre M3 specification.
    Dolby Atmos Mixing Studio M4

    Mixing Studio M4 featuring 32-faders AVID S6 surface is well-suited for premixing stems for theatrical releases in up to Dolby Atmos format, as well as mixing for DVD, TV, computer games and other media in formats up to 7.1. Also M4 can serve as a spare control room for Universal studio.

    5.1 Mixing Studio specification M4
    ADR Suites

    Two ADR suites are nearly identical in size and equipment. Each one includes 5.1 control room, which can also serve as edit room, and 100m3 studio with HD video projection. ADR recording from/to remote studio is available on request.

    ADR suite specification
    Foley Suite

    Foley studio was designed and built having in mind two different workflow concepts. One is having recording engineer work in isolated control room, another allows to control recording at the live area with Foley artist. A dedicated space is provided in the live area allowing to move and easily conect necessary outboard and terminal for the engineer. Main projection screen in the live area features 3 theatrical screen speakers for immediate listening of recorded sound in context.

    Live area is divided into 4 working zones. Motorized ceiling panels and wall curtains allow modifying room acoustics if real early reflections are desired.

    Foley studio is equipped with plenty of props and devices including various floor structures, trays for dry and liquid substances, a kitchen with furniture and home appliances, a pool for water FX, several doors, passenger car body, etc. A dedicated storage room has car access dock with gates for unloading and bringing in large props. The props list is being continiously updated.

    A separate restroom with shower is provided for Foley artists.

    Instrument room:

    Universal studio

    This facility is to be commissioned by the end of 2014. The main function of the studio is music recording and mixing. The studio will consists of a control room (142 m3) equipped with two alternative 5.1 monitoring sets and a large live area ( 725 m3) with a Steinway D-274 grand piano. The live room will be able to accommodate up to 25 musicians. The equipment list includes a 48 fader Euphonix System 5 console and a wide choice of high-end audio processing gear and software. A sophisticated variable acoustic system will be integrated in the live room interior. That will make this studio really “Universal”

    Edit rooms 5.1

    Every edit room feature ProTools DAW, Avid Artist Mix controller, 5.1 audio monitoring and HD video projection. Front channel speakers are installed behind the screen which makes the overall perception closer to that of large mix theatre. All that makes the edit rooms capable of broad work range — from editing and premixing to final mixing for TV, DVD, computer games and other media.

    Edit rooms 5.1 specification
  • Sound Editing
  • ADR / voice-over recording
  • ADR / voice-over recording from/to remote studio (via Source Connect)
  • Foley recording
  • Sound design
  • Sound restoration
  • Music recording (from 2014)
  • Music mixing (stereo to 5.1 surround formats from 2014)
  • Sound mixing for TV
  • Sound mixing for DVD releases
  • Sound for computer games
  • Sound re-recording for theatrical releases
  • Encoding in Dolby SR, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Atmos
  • Turnkey services for foreign film dubbing ( translation, adaptation, voice over talent casting, ADR supervision, dubbing)

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