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Full service for DigitalCinema: Mastering (DVS Clipster), duplication, KDM creation. Quality control on Dolby and Doremi players. Barco DP2K digital projector and XpanD NuVision active 3D glasses.


Arriscan for film scanning accompanied by Kodak Digital Ice Technology for elimination of dust and scratches.
Supports formats of 16/S16mm, 35mm (2, 3 and 4 perf)
Output formats in Cineon10 bit log,
DPX 10 bit log, 16 bit log, 16 bit lin, TIFF 16 bit. .

Spirit HD with Super 16m/m and 35m/m gates
Pandora Evolution with Revolution Colour Correction
Noise and Grain reduction by Thomson Scream
Dual Link RGB 4:4:4 Signal Output to HDCAM, HDCAMSR,, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVCAM, HDV, DVD, HDD.

Avid , Final Cut non-linear editing stations.

Visual Effects provided by Autodesk Smoke Realtime, multi-resolution (SD, HD, 2K, and 4K) editing and finishing with effects capabilities.

Autodesk Lustre
in two comfortable rooms for digital
intermediate colour manipulation. Allows for
colour correction in both 2K and 4K formats at realtime.
Projection provided by Barco DP90P digital cinema projectors.

Visual effects for cinema
and television.
On set VFX project
coordination and project
supervision available

At client request, digital data archiving is via LTO5 tape technology, without volume restrictions.

Media Content handling via Smartjog or private 600mbps fibre link.


Arrilaser film recorder for 2K and 4K output formats.



With the most modern equipment available, our talented, experienced team of artists will assist in delivering your project on time in an efficient, cost effective manner.

About Cinelab Digital

Digital intermediate:

  • Telecine 16/35 (Spirit HD / Pandora Evolution)
  • Avid
  • Final Cut
  • Autodesk Smoke
  • Autodesk Lustre
  • Barco DP90P
  • VFX
  • ARRISCAN (up to 6K)
  • ARRILASER (up to 4K)
  • Cinevator
  • Digital Cinema (DVS Clipster, Dolby, Doremi, Barco DP2K, 3D)

Color correction showreel


CG showreel

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  • Fax: +7 (495) 626-11-88
  • Address: 65-4 Leningradskoe shosse, Moscow, 125445, Russia