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Processing machines were supplied and supported by R.T.I. uk ltd.

Cinelab has an active program of "Good Laboratory Practice" which ensures a near sterile working environment which is a necessary condition when working with Negative and Positive.

Continuous monitoring in conjunction with the sensitometric control department by our team of onsite specialist chemists ensures a high level of stability and continuity throughout the process. Our chief technologist, John Gleeson, has more than 30 years experience in laboratories in London.

Our highly experienced, motivated staff enables Cinelab the capability to cope with the demands of volume and short lead times.

The Laboratory operates shift patterns including bank holidays/weekends on a 24 hour basis where necessary.

Colour negative development is from 7 a.m. and during the weekends if necessary.

Optical sound negative production and first copy check print can be accomplished in one shift.

Image and sound is continuously monitored by the QC specialists. Each roll of the film print is checked on state of the art film monitoring equipment, and every tenth roll is projected in Cinelab’s Dolby approved Theatre One.

Additionally, preview Theatre Two with seating for 16 people, is designed to cater to customers and their guests. This is a multi functional film and digital presentation theatre. Our customers are welcome to rent this room for private functions with their clients.

Both rooms are equipped with two studio Kinoton projectors, with stop-shot functions. Sound is Dolby Digital EX and DTS.

After more than two years of professional work, Cinelab has gained the confidence of many customers.

Possessing the only Black and White processing machine for both Negative and Positive processing in Russia, the laboratory co-operates with the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (RSUC) and students of other institutes throughout Russia.

Many production and distribution companies arrange for the processing of their ‘’ front end’’ negative, telecine on our Spirit HD and finally to produce their release copies.

Cinelab Colour laboratory guarantees that all services provided are of the highest possible quality and satisfy the standards of the best laboratories in the world.

We invite you to visit our laboratory, where our specialists will help you realize your creative ideas.

About CineLab Color
Alla Cherkasova
chief executive
  • Black and white 35 mm  negatives, positives and optical phonogram development
  • Color films 35, 16 mm development (in ECN-II process)
  • Color positive films 35 mm development (in ECN-II process)
  • Transfer of negative phonograms «Dolby SR» ,«Dolby SR*D», «DTS»
  • Work positive printing (black and white/color)
  • Printing of film copies from phonogram High-magenta, Cyan
  • Ultrosonic cleaning of film materials (Lipsner Smith, USA)

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  • Telephone: +7 (495) 789-37-17
  • Fax: +7 (495) 789-37-19
  • Address: 65-4 Leningradskoe shosse, Moscow, 125445, Russia